JAPANESE ONLY MODEL!! Similar to the US model VT250 Interceptor, but a totally different machine and experience. Japan has strict C.C. limits for its riders, and many bikes ridden there are built to optimize the horsepower and handling of the limits. The VT 250 Spada is one of those bikes that is as much performance for its size as the law will allow. It’s high revving motor will surprise you. Light weight and nimble, it’s like riding a lightning bolt. Extremely thrilling. This bike has many updates: Dual front brakes, newly chromed front fork tubes, stiffer fork springs, new fork seals and fluids, new tires, new battery, new chain and sprockets, carbs cleaned, and valves set to spec. ASKING ONLY $4995 for this rare machine! Text 507.720.4114

Other important info:
Castec Frame found in Japan model
Six speed transmission in Japan model
Higher horsepower engine in Japan model (higher compression and RPMs)
Tach is intermittent
Also sold in Australia and Great Britain, parts online. Some parts interchange with the American version.
I’ve researched this model. Not one other found here in the United States.

1989 Honda Spada VT250 RARE!